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Cruise Ship Ground Handling Service

YOGYA TOURS INDONESIA has the experiences to organize special ground handling service for cruise ships docking at Semarang Port, an round trip to BOROBUDUR TEMPLE or SEMARANG CITY TOUR. This followed are the best tour arrangements special designed for the cruise ship docking's passagers at SEMARANG HARBOUR.

This tour package allow the passager enjoy the most famous buddhist temple in the world BOROBUDUR and enjoy the beauty of Java Island on along the route to reach Borobudur Temple

"After arival at Semarang Harbour, depart directly to Borobudur Temple, need 1,5 hour from the port, to catch the morning atmosphere on the top of the temple until your lunch time at local restaurant. Use your rest of your time to visit handicrafts home industry and Old Locomotive Museum at Ambarawa. There are 21 old steam trains in the museum and mostly production of Esslingen, Henschel, Hartmann Chemnitz [Germany] and operated by Dutch in Indonesia. Old train museum is one location with William I train station in Ambarawa and the train was found in 1873 by Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg Maatscappij [NISM] . Back directly to Semarang Harbor to drop your off on your ship, for the next destination".

01-02 persons: US $ 99 / person
03-04 persons: US $ 88 / person
05-08 persons: US $ 79 / person
10-15 persons: US $ 69 / person
20-32 persons: US $ 60 / person

Transport with our First class fully Air Condition Bus with capacity only allows us to fill up to 32 passangers to let you get more convenient


"We pick you up at Semarang harbor when your cruise ship dock. Depart to go around the old city tour or “Little Netherland” where there are 50 old buildings such as Blenduk Church : Protestant church was built in 1753 by Dutch with neo-classic style has two minarets and one dome. Sam Po Kong Temple: Chinese temple was built in 15 century by Chinese great admiral Zheng He/Cheng Ho who visited this area in 1405. Other one is Thousand Door Building: This building was built in 1903 and torturing even killing place toward Semarang youth in Japanese colonial period. Youth Monument: Has function to commemorate 5 days battle against Javanese occupation army. Gombel Hill : View point to see Semarang city from the hill. Return back to your cruise ship. End of service.

01-02 persons: US $ 69 / person
03-04 persons: US $ 58 / person
05-08 persons: US $ 49 / person
10-15 persons: US $ 39 / person
20-32 persons: US $ 30 / person

Transport with First class fully Air Condition Bus with capacity only allows us to fill up to 32 passengers to let you get more convenient

Rent a 4 seats private car only US $ 120

Want to be free to enjoy your excursion during your ship docking at Semarang Harbour ? Get private tour or rent a car/car hire with YOGYA TOURS INDONESIA ! Further information, please feel free to contact YOGYA TOURS INDONESIA,click here!



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